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INTUNE FRAME "Skull And Crossbones Nebula"


Limited Edition of 6 pieces  (+2AP)


-  The Intune Frame will be shipped in a lasercut aluminum flight case for maximum protection.

- Shipment includes certification of authenticity and tools for the guitar.

- Free worldwide insured shipping!


Measurements: 120cm x 100cm x 7 cm ( 48" x 40"  x 3 ")
Total weight: 22kg  - 48 lbs (frame plus guitar)

See "Technical Details" for more specifications.


Please note that this INTUNE FRAME will be custom made for you after receiving your order! It is expected to ship within 6 to 9 months after receipt of order.

Free worldwide, fully insured shipping!



The story of the STRING THEORY Series:


The STRING THEORY series is the original Intune Frame series that was inspired by Jens' visit to the Paranal Observatories in the Atacama desert in Chile.

The current string theory tell us that the final elements of molecular structures are small energy strings ‐ the guitar strings of God. They are the basic element of the infinite universe ‐ the smallest building block of billions of solar systems in billions of galaxies. Unthinkable tiny subatomic energy strings playing the music of the stars.


These strings are the basic energy of every matter in the cosmos. If we try to imagine this gigantic amount of energy, it immediately makes us feel absolutely insignificant. They remind us humans, that we are a minor weak flash in the space time continuum.


But there is hope: We can nevertheless live a meaningful life and reach self‐fulfillment. We can create our own personal universe for the time we exist as a part of the human species here on the tiny planet Earth.


The secret is, to compose and play our own symphony of life. We just must learn how to tune our individual strings and play the rhythms and melodies which fulfill our lives with meaning and satisfaction.


Playing our strings together with the strings of God makes us a part of the eternal song of life.


"Music is the cosmic order code of all life!"


[This Project is supported by ESO (The European Southern Observatory)]

Skull And Crossbones Nebula

  • Free worldwide, fully insured shipping!

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