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Discover the Encore: A Masterpiece of Sound, Design, and Heritage

In a world where digital dominates and the authentic essence of music often fades into the background, the "ENCORE" emerges as a beacon of artistry and cultural tribute. This isn't just another guitar amplifier; it's an homage to the golden era of tube amplifiers, a symbol of unparalleled craftsmanship, and a testament to the enduring legacy of guitar legends.


Crafted with a vision by Jens Ritter and two close musician friends and inspired by the imminent regulations against tube technology, "ENCORE" stands as the pinnacle of tube amplifier sound and aesthetics. With its striking appearance, reminiscent of the iconic 50s and 60s futurism, and finished in a dazzling high-gloss red and white, "ENCORE" transcends the ordinary, embodying the emotional design vibes of an era that revolutionized music and culture.


A Sonic Marvel, Engineered to Perfection

"ENCORE" features a meticulously handwired, point-to-point construction with world-class components, including hand-selected tubes encased in ice-matte, 18-karat white gold covers, delivering a potent 58 watts of power. It embodies Jens Ritter’s sound imagination, which is based on his two favorite amplifiers: the “Fender Bassman” and the “Dumble Classic.” This inspiration is vividly realized through its two-channel setup, offering a pure, versatile sound that combines the best of both worlds for a rich, nuanced audio experience that brings the subtleties of music to life.


Design Meets Personal Legacy

This amplifier is more than sound; it's a piece of art. The polished stainless steel chassis, engraved with the names of guitar greats (and yours upon order), underlines its exclusivity. The ice-frosted, white gold-coated control knobs, set with stunning blue sapphires, accentuate its luxurious design.


Exclusivity in Craftsmanship

With only three units produced annually, "ENCORE" redefines exclusivity. Each piece is a culmination of six to seven months of dedicated craftsmanship, embodying the spirit of its creators and the cultural iconography of the tube amplifier era. This limited production ensures that each "ENCORE" is not just an amplifier but a collectible masterpiece, destined to become a treasured part of music history.


Customization and Delivery

"ENCORE" offers total customization without additional cost, inviting you to personalize the design and inscriptions to your taste. Each unit is delivered in a custom-made flight case, complete with state-of-the-art speaker cables and a power cord, marking the arrival of not just a musical instrument, but a piece of history.


The Sound of the Future, Rooted in Tradition

As the era of digital AI advances, "ENCORE" stands as a reminder of the irreplaceable value and beauty of handmade music. It is a tribute to the tube amplifier culture, designed to elevate and celebrate the profound impact of human creativity on music. In owning an "ENCORE," you're not just acquiring one of the world's finest guitar amplifiers; you're preserving the magic of the electric guitar culture for future generations. This is your encore, a symbol of your legacy, and a bridge to the past and future of music.


ENCORE: Technical Excellence Detailed

For those who delve deep into the technical mastery of the "ENCORE" amplifier, here are features that not only make it a masterpiece of design but also a virtuoso of sound:


  • Powerful Output: With 58 Watts RMS, "ENCORE" delivers a robust, penetrating sound capable of filling any room with rich musical tones.


  • Dual Clean Channels: Equipped with two distinctively designed clean channels, each with its own three-band EQ, allowing for a wide range of sound customization. The channels can be mixed, offering the perfect balance of sound and volume through an additional, switchable master volume control.


  • Advanced Tone Shaping: A rear-panel presence and cut control enable the shaping of all facets of musical sound diversity, ensuring that every note is articulated with clarity and depth.


  • Serial Effects Loop: "ENCORE" comes with a switchable serial effects loop that processes the signal with absolute sound neutrality, allowing for the seamless integration of your favorite effects without compromising the amplifier's tonal integrity.


  • Selectable Mains Voltage: Catering to international musicians, the amplifier's mains voltage can be switched between 120V and 240V, making it a versatile companion for tours around the globe.


  • Flexible Speaker Impedance: The speaker impedance can be adjusted between 4 – 16 Ohms, offering compatibility with a wide range of speaker cabinets and allowing for further customization of your sound.


  • Innovative Loudspeaker Box Design: Complementing the unparalleled sound and versatility of the "ENCORE" amplifier, the accompanying loudspeaker box is a marvel of engineering in its own right. It houses two different 12-inch speakers: a Jensen loudspeaker in an open-back design for a warmer, more resonant sound, and an Electro-Voice loudspeaker housed in a bass reflex system, delivering punchy, tight low frequencies. This dual-speaker setup allows for individual or combined operation, giving musicians unprecedented control over their sound landscape. Whether used separately or together, these speakers provide a sonic experience that is as diverse as it is exquisite, making the "ENCORE" loudspeaker box an essential counterpart to one of the world's finest guitar amplifiers.


ENCORE guitar amplifier

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